Perspectives from Senegal

By Kalidou Athie, Abdoulaye Samba Wagne, and Ousmane Sam [1] We come from Thilogne, the capital of Bossea, in the north of Senegal. This is the first time we take part at the COP and we are here to raise awareness for the ongoing desertification in the Sahel zone, e.g. in Senegal, Mali, and in Mauritania. To solve this problem we advocate the plantation of more than one million

November 18th, 2016|COP 22, Guest Commentaries|

Why should climate change be on top of the agenda of young people all over the world and in Europe in particular?

By Selina Leem A dear friend of mine expressed her anger about how not only our country, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, but also the rest of the world is only responding to climate change now. She was skeptical about our country’s attempt of banning Styrofoam and about those who do not know what climate change is and therefore cannot explain the disasters that are happening. But there

November 17th, 2016|COP 21, Guest Commentaries|
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