By Kalidou Athie, Abdoulaye Samba Wagne, and Ousmane Sam [1]

We come from Thilogne, the capital of Bossea, in the north of Senegal. This is the first time we take part at the COP and we are here to raise awareness for the ongoing desertification in the Sahel zone, e.g. in Senegal, Mali, and in Mauritania.

To solve this problem we advocate the plantation of more than one million trees in these areas. On the one hand trees like e.g. mango or banana trees could provide food and a livelihood for the inhabitants of these areas and on the other hand these trees could help to stop a further desertification by changing the microclimate on these deserts.

Over the next 10 years we foresee cost of almost $ 4 million to deliver a positive impact on these communities. To be successful in our venture we call for the support of national and international organisations, environmentalists, governments, and others.

[1] Kalidou, Abdoulaye, and Ousmane are students from Senegal and members of the Center for African Development (CAD)